Jenifer L. Dibble LICSW CYT

Clinical Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher

Why Therapy?

Many times we feel alone. That we can't trust the people around us, that we do for others and don't feel supported, that the only luck we have is "bad luck" and we aren't sure if change is even possible. Then every now and then there is a thought that passes through... "maybe things could be different..." and maybe that thought is what brought you here... to this question... should I try therapy?

Why not? 

- You are not committed to continue if you choose not to.

- You will choose our focus.

- You may not feel alone.

- You may learn to trust

- You may feel supported

- You may begin to feel better

- You may even begin to feel lucky...

I place great importance on the acceptance of each person’s unique perspective, I aim to explore my client’s perspective in a non-judgemental and compassionate way within a relationship that is confidential, safe, mutual and non-controlling.

I welcome both male & female clients over the age of 14 years. My specialties are as follows:

Transitions: Birth, Midlife, Death, Promotions, Retirement, Marriage, Divorce (individuals not mediation), Graduation, or any other life change.
Anxiety Disorders (including but not limited to): Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic, Fears, Phobias and General anxiety.
Self Esteem Concerns.
Assertiveness & building confidence.
Relationship issues: family dynamics, work, friends, co-dependency, partner & spousal issues, attachment, abuse & abusive relationships.
Job dissatisfaction/workplace stress & anxiety, bullying.
Mindfulness & Meditation.
Other Mental Health concerns.
Take a step...
Step 1: EMAIL or call me. (EMAIL is preferred due to scheduling restraints.) 
[email protected] or (508) 209-5400