Jenifer L. Dibble LICSW CYT

Clinical Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher

Client Testimonials

I was struggling to cope with the stress surrounding a major life change and was looking for a therapist who could lend their ear, ask thought-provoking questions, offer reassurance and provide me with a new way to view and respond to my circumstances. I couldn’t have found a better counselor in Jenifer Dibble. She was inquisitive, insightful and a provider of practical solutions that allowed me to address the challenges I faced with renewed confidence.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to someone who is seeking support through transition.  I truly felt more relaxed, back in the drivers seat and happy after having worked with her.”

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Our first session far exceeded my expectations. I’m finding that things you said are now reverberating loudly...Thank you again for your kindness and support. I look forward to our next session.

"She has helped me come to grips with my problems I could not do myself!"

"She is really great. She helps me stay calm and work through my problems."